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Podcast 1:26 - Protecting Your Marriage when You're Apart

Time apart can be hard and taxing on a marriage. But there are many situations where it is inevitable. Time apart comes in many forms, work travel, traveling to see kids, a spouse in the military, it all takes a toll on your marriage and your relationship. In this episode, we talk about the dangers of being apart and some tips to overcome the side effects.

Situations of being apart

  • Spouse travels for work

  • Spouse travels to see their kids or a long commute to get them or take them back to their ex-Spouse lives in another location

  • Spouse deployed

  • You or your spouse work long hours or opposite schedules

Perils of being apart

  • Disconnecting emotionally

  • Missing out on what is going on at home

  • Feelings of resentment (I am doing all the hard things at home while you are out to eat at fancy restaurants)

  • Upon returning, the person at home feels in charge and the other disrupts the flow

  • Changes made while you're gone

  • Overwhelmed feelings by being alone and no one to share in the burdens

  • anxiety

  • There is a physical toll on the person traveling

  • Watch out for emotional isolation

How to Protect your Marriage

  • The divorce rate is higher in couples that travel or spend alot of time apart

  • Connect every day - skype, text during the day

  • Make sure you are sharing all the little things, but be careful not to just share all the bad that happened - makes spouse that is gone feel helpless

  • Don't romanticize your spouse's life

  • If possible travel together

  • Watch a show together Skype in for the nightly routine

  • Don't spend time alone with coworkers or friends of the opposite sex

  • Don't impulse buy to fill a void

  • Make sure you leave on a good note - pre-separation anxiety causes fights

  • Leave notes for them to find

Lemonade Moment of the Week

  • Paige fixed the AC


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